500 k+

data points collected per day


4 +

years collecting, parsing, reporting and automating



countries covered for classified ads and e-commerce data clients


50 +

sources used for data collection and automation


What is Data Automation?

With the advent of information technology the possibilities of collecting and storing information are growing exponentially. Companies tend to employ relevant data in their business decisions. To be relevant and useful for decision making, the data analysis has to be timely and accurate. People are relatively slow and prone to mistakes compared to machines in repetitive data collection and processing. Some relevant questions are not even asked given the time constraints. Luckily, there is a growing availability of tools for data related automation.
Pricing, assortment planning and purchasing decisions require use of market signals. Currently, such data is widely available for companies that use e-commerce and classified advertisement marketplaces as sales channels. Due to vast scale of data points and signals, compiling relevant and timely reports, dashboards and other tools can only be done with the help of automation technology.

Imum provides automation solutions for data collection and analysis. Our tools are based on algorithms and applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

We collect, structure and parse data, create quality databases which are key to data based decision making.

Moreover, Imum is able to automate some of the internal analysis processes into partial or full products for business and end-customers.

Connecting the dots

What can you do with automated data?

You can grow your understanding of the market to a much higher level. New data points, innovative reports and dashboards can attribute to a higher quality of decision making.

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    Price smart
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    Save time
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    Grow sales
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    Understand competitive landscape
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    Make decisions daily
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    Discover trends
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    Receive daily market reports
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    Reconcile data for additional insight


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